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Establish Your Credibility

Helping you be in the drivers seat for business feedback is our goal, giving you the ability to easily collect and publish reviews from your clients. With Credibility Profile you are maximizing the return on the business relationships you work so hard to maintain and service, leveraging the results for future business prospects

Request and Receive Unlimited Reviews

We don't place any limits on the number of reviews you can request or publish from your clients. We make it real easy to send out a request from within your business listing, and for a client to submit a review from your listing.

Establish Your Credibility

Ten attributes are measured on a 1-7 scale. Summary and individual ratings are displaying on a business listing.

  • Quality of Product or Service
  • Product or Service Met Expectations
  • Fair Price
  • Delivery Was Timely
  • Professionalism
  • Friendly & Welcoming
  • Communication & Transparency
  • Industry Knowledge & Expertise
  • Social/Environmental Responsible
  • Company Went Above & Beyond Your Expectations.

Marketing Funnel

Reviews on a business are becoming one of the most important items prospects are looking for in their trust building phase. Help your marketing funnel by having the trust signal on hand as prospects seek this information out before they engage with your business. Presenting them where they can be easily found will help your prospects move to the next stage quicker.

Designed For Any Business Type

  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Construction
  • Building Services
  • Facilities & Food Services
  • Professional Services
  • Renting & Leasing.
  • Retail Stores

Request Referrals

Most people will be more than happy to share a referral if they have had a great experience with your company. Multiple email fields are given just in case they want to give you multiple referrals and for you to maximize the opportunity. A great way to capture leads and research has shown people who are referred to you by someone they know are more likely to buy.

Graphs & Analytics

Ratings make for great analytics and we have included the ability to view graphs in different ways. Spot trends within your ratings and enhance your knowledge about how your customers perceive your business.

Reporting - On or Offline

Reports are available online and also the ability to print your reviews should you need to include them in any presentations..




Reviews are perfect social proof for sharing far and wide, thus we have made it easy for you and your clients to distribute over social networks. Within each business listing or after a client completes a review they are encouraged to share.



Reviews are a part of Google SEO ranking factors according to a study by In their analysis 'Review Signals' make up 8.4% of local search rankings. Thus it is important that every business has a strategy in place to collect and publish business reviews if they are looking to improve their SEO rankings.

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Searchable Listing

Your listing can be found by a name search or within each category.

Other Credibility Factors

Show off your success or items people look for in a business.

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See who is following you and who your admirers are.