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It’s A (Soft) Launch


If you are reading this then I want to thank you for visiting the site. I hope you like what you see. This is just the beginning of what I have visioned for this product, but I need your help to make this into a world class product that the whole community of users can can be proud of. I want to hear from you, the user, so however suits you let me know what you have on your mind.

This day has been a long time coming and it began with a seed of an idea after I got burned one time with a vendor. I did a lot of research, on and offline and noticed a pattern about reviews, business that recognize the value of having reviews and the importance users place on them before making any purchase decisions..

This soft launch which will probably last 2-3 months (launch in Q1 2016) and is limited to 500 business listings. I would like some real users to begin using the product, start requesting and receiving business reviews. Although charging to use a Beta product is not unheard of, the reason is that I want committed users to give me feedback. In exchange, you will get a head start in obtaining business reviews, but also a great offer should you decide to enroll in the premium plan once the site goes live. If you want to wait until the launch before listing a business, dont forget to signup to the blog or register so you get notified.

I will keep this short for now so I can put some finishing touches on the app.

Would love to hear from you, let me know what’s on your mind, either below in a comment/social channel or email.