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Our Mission:

To provide a trustworthy and reliable independent platform for a business to gather reviews and potential clients to easily assess if they want to engage with a company.

The Team Of One

Right now it is a team of one determined founder and a couple of friends helping out.

Robert was essentially born into small business as his father owned a dairy farm and would often talk shop with him. Feed your product, milk your product and sell the milk. Perhaps the original recurring revenue model out there

In his professional experience, accounting called his name and has worked in many industries and different sized companies.

Looking for a different challenge and wanting to build something from the ground up, he decided to do try and help out small businesses as he thought they were being taken advantage of.

Our Story and Why We Built This

In my personal life over the last five years I found myself initiating a lot of business relationships. Some were for large one off transactions, a few were for long-term commitments, many were for smaller amounts or semi-regular occurrences. Some businesses came to me as recommendations as I put feelers out to my network, others I found by doing the usual internet research and one was the only distributor or manufacturer installer in my area. Needless to say I had mixed success, some worked out great, others faded away and once I got taken for a ride even after what I thought was a good background check i.e. actually talking to existing customers for a reference.

Every time I had the same nagging questions before I went forward with any type of business relationship. I did what background research I could, perhaps calling references if that was necessary but it took a lot of time. I never put much weight into the business own website testimonial as they often didn't tell me that much other than they were 'great'.

There had to be a better way I thought. I looked at some of the options that are in use today in retail or the more popular online products and I still came up with the same problem, quite often it was one attribute with long descriptions that don't give anything of substance. I researched the typical business background checks process, looked at the current thinking and research out of academia into who, how and what goes into a business that delivers a great product or service.

In addition to prospects, current clients need consistent servicing as well as as not everything is going to be perfect for all client's all the time. Thus it is important to consistently measure attributes from your existing clients to ensure they are satisfied. Obtaining this feedback will give you insights on how they feel about your company over the most recent period and how they may need some additional attention.

So instead of just thinking about a solution, I decided to do something and I built Credibility Profile for every business out there

This is how Credibility Profile came about.

Built For Every Business

  • Construction Services
  • Education & Learning Services
  • Home Services
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Professional Services
  • Trade Services
  • Transportation & Warehousing

A Note From Our Founder

Hi there -

It’s not every day that one decides to go build a web app, but it is every day I look at some kind of review on a business and know there has to be a better solution.

Although reviews seem to be everywhere, they are consistently concentrated only in a few business segments.

Potential customers are looking for this background information on your business before they engage and social proof in the form of reviews is becoming one of the top factors they look for.

Although this kind of started out with the simple pursuit of being able to give a business the ability to request and publish business reviews, along the way, I kept coming up with great ideas on features that would be useful including some unplanned benefits that I discovered late in the game.

I am proud of Credibility Profile in many ways, for the people that have helped me launch it and the amount I have learned along the way. But more than all that, giving the ability for any business to help them manage their review requesting and publishing process, and the benefits that it gives them and their potential clients.

I hope you agree we are a solution that fits your business goals and you are ready to move to a solution that is on your side to help you win. If for any reason you are dissatisfied then you will not pay a penny.

Give it a go and email me at [email protected] to let me know what you think.